Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book Review: Too Precious for Earth

"I sat down on my bed, exhausted after a long day of emptiness. What to do now? I picked up the journal I bought a few nights earlier, toying with the cover...looking at it, I felt a sudden surge of anger and threw it on my bed. Another time, I thought to myself. But then I realized all I had was time-a whole lot of worthless, useless, unwanted time. So I picked up my journal again, and began to write..."

Amy and Chas Maddocks can hardly believe it when they discover Amy is pregnant. It's truly a miracle. During her pregnancy she faces the usual challenges--vomiting, emotional ups and downs, and frequent tiredness. Amy doesn't care what she has to go through, all that matters is she's having a baby, and she wants him more than life itself.

When Amy begins to experience unexplained pain in her second trimester, she's diagnosed with a medical condition that can't be completely resolved, until after she gives birth. Her doctor places her on a strict diet, prescribes medication, and puts her on bed rest. Despite everything, Connor, her tiny son is born twelve weeks early.

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